"It's What Makes Time Travel Possible!"
                                                          - Dr. Emmett Brown

This is the in-famous Flux Capacitor as seen in the epic Universal Picture "BACK TO THE FUTURE".
Mounted to the rear interior bulkead of DeLorean Time Machine, the Flux Capacitor disperses a full
1.21 Giggawatts of nuclear powered electricity to activated flux dispersal, tearing open a worm hole
into the space time continuum and bolting your DeLorean into time!!!!!

Unlike other "toys" that have been sold in the past, this Flux is 100% screen accurate!
Starting with an actual Stahlin fiberglass enclosure painted the correct "battleship gray" color and
fitted with an acrylic window mounted in 1" rubber gasketed window.
You will also notice the replicated Cannon elbow connectors attached to the enclosure for extra realism.
These details are what sets the REAL FLUX apart from the TOYS!

Inside you will find exacting replicated Torr-9 vacuum relays in a high grade of resin material
which is coated with real brass powder coat and labeled with replicated silver and red foil labels.
The glass tube relays are replicated in clear resin with the contact rod inside.
You will also notice the other four points of interior lighting that compliments the props.
The famous chasing lights are super-bright LED's that move from the outside-in just like the one in the film.
The speed is calibrated exactly to match the Flux in the movie.
The detail is absolutely amazing!!!!

Operates from a standard 12 Volts DC and can be plugged into your car or your home.
Each Flux comes with both a cigaratte lighter adapter and an home AC/DC adapter.

Check out this YouTube Video to show more details!

Here is a detailed demonstration of the Flux Capacitor:

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* This page is under construction * Current price for the Flux Capacitor is $999 as of 01/2017.

Flux Capacitor

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